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Midnight Musings is a blog of Tauren Mills, a software developer located in Portland, OR.  It contains articles related to technologies such as Javascript, Node.js, Backbone.js, Coffeescript, jQuery, user experience, and other rambling musings. This blog is replacing his older Blogger blog at, and will eventually be moved off to a self-hosted blog at that previous address.

Tauren is the founder of SportZing, an online sports management solution for sports leagues and organizations to help manage all aspects of their operation. This includes player and team registration, league, season, division, and team management, game scheduling, referee registration, referee assigning, referee game reporting, referee payroll, and much more.

The SportZing solution is currently built with a single-page custom Javascript frontend and a Java-based backend using Spring, Hibernate, and Wicket. This solution has worked well for a couple years, but it is becoming cumbersome to enhance, mostly due to limitations of the custom javascript frontend.

A complete redesign of SportZing is underway where we will be using Backbone.js to implement the front-end and Node.js on the backend, with Coffeescript used throughout the application. This migration will happen gradually, so the Java-based backend will remain in use until everything can be moved to node.js.

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